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Equipement available in the laboratory

Motion Analysis

For its mobile motion analysis laboratory, ConReha uses the latest generation of precise measuring instruments:

  • An optical 3D motion analysis system with active markers
  • Portable force plates

Together with powerful motion analysis software and a changeable catwalk made from cardboard, these instruments create a unique and innovative solution on a scientific level.



  • Small, active markers enable detailed recordings in high resolution, even of delicate movements such as the hand.
  • The automatic calibration process increases the accuracy and shortens the preparation time for the recordings.
  • Portable force plates precisely record the ground reaction forces in 3D.
  • A powerful program synchronizing force plate data and data from the 3D optical system provides the basis for scientific analysis.
  • The possibility to adjust the catwalk permits different force plate positions, which in turn allows for an optimal adjustment to the walking needs of the test person.
  • Recordings can be taken at the customer's site.


Equipement Details

3D optical motion analysis system with active markers, PTI Phoenix Technologies Inc.

Two portable force plates, Bertec USA (distributed by Velamed GmbH).

Mobile cardboard catwalk, promavis GmbH.



Alternative Bank Schweiz AG
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PTI - Phoenix Technologies Inc.
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Velamed GmbH Science in Motion
Medizintechnik & Biomechanische Konzepte
Helmholzstr. 50
50825 Köln
Germany →

promavis GmbH
Alte Gärtnerei 24
59510 Lippetal
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